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Meet Koach Phee

The one question that changes lives is: What is your why? Whys can change. Mine definitely did. As a young woman first starting out, my goal was too obtain a job and make money. My number one priority was providing for my needs and finding my purpose in life. About a decade ago, my why and my world changed with the birth of my son, Zion. When he was born, I began a journey that would eventually lead me to the spot I stand in right now. Along the way, I realized an affinity I possessed not just for encouraging others on their journey but speaking life into the very existence of their dreams and aspirations.

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About a year ago, I had an epiphany. I was always busy. There was always something to do, yet when I looked at where I was, something seemed to be missing. I felt like a hamster on a wheel, endlessly exerting effort with very little to show for all my hard work. It dawned on me that in my quest to love and serve those most important to me, I had elevated all their needs and wants above my own. I poured out to the point of exhaustion and often operated on empty. From that moment, I made a commitment to honestly analyze all aspects of my life (mental, physical, financial and spiritual) to come up with a self-care plan that allowed me to not only give the best version of myself to others but to me as well. This realization led to what I coined the 75 Day Reset. Seventy-five days of intentional reflection, self-inventory and developing a plan based on your God-given talents and abilities to recalibrate your life. The 75 Day Reset guides you through a journey of self-reflection and discovery, self-inventory and total awareness. This program equips you with the tools necessary to carve out a plan to serve as a road map for the rest of your journey, the rest of your life.

 I am a firm believer that everyone has a goal. We all have a purpose. What separates those who reach the destination and those who do not is not the length of the trip, detours along the way, or even the number of miles to completion. What separates winners from the waiting is remembering the why and remaining in the right direction. I would love to work with you to get you to where you’re going. Whether its a weight loss goal, career move or simply personal enrichment, Koach Phee is here with you, every step of the way. Call me today for a free consultation and to find out about the coaching package tailor made to suit you and your needs. Think one size fits all? Think again….

Four common reasons that students choose Koach Phee

Are you struggling with accomplishing your goals?
Are you feeling stuck and don't know how to get out the rut?
Do you want to be healthy mentally and physically, but don't know where to start?
Are you pouring from an empty cup?