Self Care Seminar 2024 Guest Only Tickets + Youth

Join us on April 6, 2024, at 28055 Rockawalkin Ridge Rd., Salisbury, MD 21801, for a day of empowerment and self-care at “Know Your Worth.” This event features inspiring speakers, interactive sessions, delicious food, vendors, and fun activities. Don’t forget to bring a youth aged 13-17 to help them discover their worth. Register as a guest or vendor at []. Self-care is not selfish; it’s a journey worth embracing!




Join us on April 6, 2024, from 10:30 am to 4:00 pm at 28055 Rockawalkin Ridge Rd., Salisbury, MD 21801, for an empowering day of self-discovery and self-care at our annual seminar, “Know Your Worth.”

This year, we’re bringing together an incredible lineup of speakers, engaging breakout sessions, delicious food, diverse vendors, and lots of fun activities. Our theme, “Know Your Worth,” is a reminder that self-care is not selfish; it’s a fundamental aspect of personal growth and well-being.

Highlights of the Event:

  • Inspiring Speakers: Listen to renowned speakers who will share their wisdom and insights on self-care, personal development, and knowing your worth.
  • Interactive Breakout Sessions: Participate in interactive breakout sessions where you can delve deeper into various aspects of self-care and personal growth.
  • Delicious Food: Enjoy a delicious meal and refreshments throughout the day to nourish your body.
  • Vendor Marketplace: Explore a diverse range of vendors offering wellness products, self-care items, and unique goods to enhance your self-care journey.
  • Fun Activities: Engage in fun and relaxing activities that promote well-being and build connections with fellow attendees.
  • Sponsor a Youth: This year, we encourage every adult attendee to sponsor a youth between the ages of 13-17 and bring them along. Our youth also need to understand their worth and the importance of self-care.

Registration: To register as a guest or vendor for this event, please visit Secure your spot today and join us in celebrating the value of self-care and the importance of knowing your worth.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to invest in yourself and your community. Remember, self-care is a journey, and together, we can empower ourselves and the next generation to embrace their true worth. We look forward to seeing you at “Know Your Worth: A Self-Care Seminar.”


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